Tuesday, April 10, 2007

A Wise Word on Suffering

Adoniram Judson, the great missionary to Burma, knew what suffering was all about. By 1827, his wife and all three children had died. He had also spent over a year in a wretched Burmese prison. In 1831, he would write the following wise words to Sarah Boardman, who was a fellow missionary in Burma. Sarah’s husband, George, had just recently died, leaving her with a young son. Take particular note of the last sentence Judson wrote:

"My dear sister, you are now drinking the bitter cup whose dregs I am somewhat acquainted with. And though, for some time, you have been aware of its approach, I venture to say that it is far bitterer than you expected…I can assure you that months and months of heart-rending anguish are before you, whether you will or not,…yet take the bitter cup with both hands, and sit down to your repast. You will soon learn a secret, that there is sweetness at the bottom.”

Somewhat ironically, Adoniram would marry Sarah relatively soon after this.

The above quote was taken from "Bless God and Take Courage, The Judson History and Legacy" (Rosalie Hunt, Judson Press, 2005).

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Bethany Baptist Missions-Myanmar said...

I appreciated so much for these quotes. Adoniram Judson is our great missionary, bringing the gospel to us (Burmese). Please pray for me to be faithful in following his foot step. I am a pastor at Bethany Baptist church, Yangoon (Old Rangoon). Thanks.