Monday, April 9, 2007

What God does, What man does

When God created the plant life of this world, it was good (Genesis 1:11-13). Despite the fall in Genesis 3, we can still see some of God's beauty through His creation. I have already posted some pictures of the plant life from our neighborhood, and here I am adding more. We get to enjoy a wide variety of flora. In these pictures alone you can see wisteria, cactus, azalea, dogwood, camellia, and something else (I don't know what the last one is). All of these beautiful and amazing plants point to their glorious, all-powerful Creator (see Psalm 19, Rom. 1:19-20).

We also know from Genesis 3 that man fell. We know from the rest of scripture that he fell a long way (see Doctrines of Grace). The fall of man greatly affects God's creation. Recently in our neighborhood we saw this in full effect. A house next door to ours had burned just before we moved in. All that remained was a burned-out shell. We had some fun a few weeks ago watching men in big equipment tear down the house.

The stark contrast between the beauty of the plant life and the ugly mess of the burned house was obvious. God brings beauty. Man brings destruction.

Yes, I realize that the house had to go before a new one could be built. I also realize that man is capable of some good (after salvation) in this world. However, the primary point I am trying to make is to compare the beauty of God with the ugliness of man.

To further illustrate this point, I have posted here pictures of the foliage in our neighborhood along with the destruction of the house next door. Do you see any contrast?


chandra said...

Hi Eric....I can't see the blooms up close in the last it maybe a Crepe Myrtle?
Great Blog by the way.....

Nick Kennicott said...

Love the contrast you've created... wonderful idea.

Eric said...

Chandra, the last plant isn't Crepe Myrtle, but the coloring is similar. It is more of a small shrub that you might put around the outside of a house.

Nick, thanks for the comment. The contrast was so stark that I thought it needed to be put in pictures.