Monday, May 14, 2007

Tybee Island, Georgia

A few days ago, Caroline, Mary and I drove 20 minutes east of Savannah to Tybee Island. We have always enjoyed going to the ocean at Tybee because of the relatively uncrowded beaches. We had not been to Tybee in quite a while, and wanted to do something fun. Alice and Bobby were stuck in the hospital, so we had to go without them. We had a blast walking on sand bars, looking for shells, and getting wetter than we meant to. We walked out to the end of the Tybee pier to see if the fishermen were having any success; I don't think they were. As an added bonus, some folks were flying kites that evening, so we strolled farther down the beach to look at them. Enjoy the photos!


Kristen said...

Great pics! Make sure you tell Mary I said HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!tommorow!
lots of of love

Eric said...

Thanks Kristen. Mary is happy about turning 10.