Sunday, May 6, 2007

I saw something beautiful today

On March 1st, when we returned to the USA from serving in South Asia, at least we did not have to worry about where we would stay. Rothwell Baptist Church had already offered their mission house for us to live in rent free. What a massive stress-reducer that was! This house is a perfect fit for our family and is located in a good spot for us to get to the hospital and to visit with family.

Today I decided to attend the morning worship service at Rothwell. Due to Bobby's treatments we have not been able to spend much time with churches while here. While at Rothwell today, I saw something beautiful.

Rothwell was celebrating the Lord's Supper this morning. However, before the supper, the pastor announced to the church body that a 17-year-old unwed girl within the church is pregnant. He informed everyone that she had repented of her sin and was going to face the consequences. As the pastor made this announcement, this young lady and her family stood before the church.

The pastor exhorted everyone to be forgiving and loving toward her and her family. He reminded the body of the forgiveness that Christ has shown us. Finally, the pastor asked everyone to come forward and talk with her. The body responded in a way that I believe would have pleased Jesus.

The entire church (which was probably about 100-150 people) went forward and stood in a line to greet the family. They hugged and talked with each member of the family. If I hadn't known better, I might have thought it was a receiving line at a wedding.

What I saw was beautiful. The church was rallying around the young lady for the purpose of restoration. They realize she has a tough road ahead. Instead of making it tougher on her by shunning her, they did the Christ-like thing and showed her love and support.

It is refreshing to see the body of Christ acting like Christ.


Alan Knox said...


Wow! Thank you for sharing this. You're right, that is a beautiful picture of the grace, mercy, and forgiveness of God. And, it is so much better than sweeping it under the rug and the whispers and gossip and "knowing glances" that usually accompany this. I pray that God teaches this group of believers something important about love through this process. Thank you again!


Elder's Wife said...

I think the key to what you experienced was the honesty of this young lady and her family regarding her/their situation. Too often, we find it difficult to reach out to someone in need because they refuse to admit it. Reconciliation and restoration can only happen when need is expressed openly. That is a picture of God making us right with Himself through Christ, isn't it.
When there are no secrets, healing can take place.

Eric said...


You are right. It was a beautiful picture of God's grace. I enjoyed just sitting there and watching it take place.


Thanks for your comment. I agree that the family did the right thing by being open about it. I also commend the leadership of the church for going about this in a biblical way. It was so refreshing! I think God was glorified through it, and I hope the people here got a little glimpse of heaven while this was happening.