Sunday, July 6, 2008

"The End of Reason"

In his latest book, Christian theologian and apologist Ravi Zacharias refutes the secular-humanist worldview. In particular, Zacharias responds to atheist Sam Harris' book entitled Letter to a Christian Nation.

I appreciate Zacharias because he is extremely gifted at seeing through the illogical arguments of those who attack the Christian faith. In The End of Reason, he shows the weaknesses of the atheistic positions held by men like Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, and Christopher Hitchens.

For example, on page 30 Zacharias writes, "As you well know, everyone has a worldview. A worldview basically offers answers to four necessary questions - questions that relate to origin, meaning, morality, and hope that assures a destiny. These answers must be correspondingly true and, as a whole, coherent." Zacharias then goes on to clearly show how the atheistic worldview offers no satisfying answers to any of the above four aspects of worldview.

Toward the very end of this book (pages 126-127), Zacharias makes an interesting statement. He writes, "Secularism simply does not have the sustaining or moral power to stop Islam. Even now, Europe is demonstrating that its secular worldview - one that Harris applauds - cannot stand against the onslaught of Islam and is already in demise. In the end, America's choice will be between Islam and Jesus Christ."

I highly recommend this book for several reasons. First, it shows the reader where the atheistic-secularists stand in this country. Second, it clearly lays out the emptiness of the atheistic worldview and arguments. Third, it is a relatively quick and easy read (only 128 pages). Finally, it helps the Christian be strengthened in his faith.

This book would be beneficial for any Christian.


Alan said...

Thanks for the review. I have loved Ravi for many years now. He is a great thinker but I tend to disagree with his evidentialist approach to apologetics in favor of a presuppositional approach. I think I would enjoy this book and was taken with its rather short length. I don't have much time these days now that my seminary studies have begun.

Maƫl said...

I had an interesting conversation with someone (I think it was David R.) who believed that secularism is actually getting the upper hand over Islam in Europe. We'll just have to see ...

Eric said...


I think this book would be a nice, relaxing one for you to read over when you have a few spare minutes here and there. It's always nice to hear a Christian apologist teach true in the face of secular error.

Eric said...


Having never been to Europe myself (the Amsterdam airport doesn't count), it is difficult for me to know what to think about the situation there. It will be interesting to see how the Islam/Secularism interaction plays out over the next 30 years or so. I know we are all hoping God will work a miracle in the incredibly hard European soil.