Friday, March 7, 2008

Homeschooling Comes Under Fire in California

A court ruling in California states that parents do not have a constitutional right to teach their own children at home. The state has said that parents must have state-approved teaching credentials in order to educate their kids. This is a stunning and troublesome ruling because it both targets parental rights in general and also is a direct attack on homeschooling. To see much more about this, click here to read Dr. Mohler's blog.

On a related topic, if your child attends public school, will they be observing the nation-wide homosexual-sponsored "Day of Silence"?


Anonymous said...

It is a great shame! I have taught in the public schools in California. (I'm in Texas now) Considering the problems they are having, homeschooling was a great alternative, especially in the more crowded areas of CA. But let's face it, no matter what reasons it gives, its all about the money. The schools get money, both state and federal, based on population.
Although I don't homeschool, I am outraged. I have many friends in California who do, and I can't imagine the stress they are going through.
It sounds, from the reading, like its time for homeschooling parents, everywhere, to see if there is any chance they might be facing the same problem soon, so it doesn't come as such a surprise.

On your other note, my son's school is not observing the Day of Silence, but I noticed the school I used to teach at, in California, is.


Eric said...


Thank you for commenting.

I think two things are going on in CA. I agree with you that one of them is the money issue. I think a second is the fundamental belief that many liberal educators have that children simply cannot be adequately educated by their parents. These educators strongly believe that the public school system offers better education than does school at home. These beliefs are held based on absolutely no objective criteria. Homeschooled students always average around the 80th percentile on standardized tests.

A great concern is what this may lead to. If the courts take this parental right away, what will come next? How long will it be before CA outlaws homeschooling altogether? Germany has done it; maybe CA will follow.

Joe Blackmon said...

Chilling. I mean, I know things are going to get worse before they get better, but this is the scariest thing I've heard since the "Hate speech" bill from last year. To top it all off, we're probably going to end up next January swearing in a left-wing wacko or a left-wing wacko in conservative clothing.

I wonder how much it would cost to buy my own South Pacific Island and move my family out there?

Eric said...


It is pretty scary stuff. I guess this is where we rest in the sovereignty of God and pray for the best.

There may come a day when all homeschooling families are moving to the few states that still allow it.

Anonymous said...

I am a German visiting CA. We are having the same troubles in Germany. Actually, homeschooling is illegal in the entire country. Parents are losing more and more rights in raising their kids even though the constitution guarantees it.
We had been thinking about one day immigrating to a country like the US where home schooling was much easier to do. But it looks like the options are getting less. May God help us godly parents to raise our kids in a godly way.

Eric said...


I had heard that homeschooling is illegal in Germany. That is very unfortunate. Your country sounds like this one in that we are losing our parental rights. The courts seem to be ignoring the constitutions of our countries. I guess we have to consistently pray that God will intervene in this situation.