Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Always Reforming...


Anonymous said...

I get the Latin. What do the guns with bayonets, represent?

Eric said...


In some ways, the picture is a joke. It was originally a pro-Soviet Union poster. My friend Tom, who lives in Russia, transformed it into a pro-Reformation poster.

At the bottom of the poster, you can see the link "" Since I write satire for that blog, I thought I would use the poster.

The point of this post was simply to have a little fun and also emphasize my beliefs in the "solas" of the Reformation.

Aussie John said...


I'm thankful for the explanation. I thought I might have had to address you as "General"!

Apart from the guns I like the rest of the graphic.

Eric said...


I too wish the guns weren't there, but I liked the rest of the graphic enough to post it anyway.