Friday, September 28, 2007

Who's Been a Calvinist?

As a Calvinist, I am thrilled to see a resurgence of interest in Reformed Theology in our country. As a Baptist, I am very happy that this is also occurring within Baptist circles. Why am I pleased about this? I'm thrilled because I believe the Doctrines of Grace to be biblical; it's as simple as that.

One interesting aspect to all of this is that those who oppose Reformed Theology do not like to look back at the historical "Who's Who" of Calvinism. The fact remains, however, that most of the greatest Protestant minds between the Reformation and the early 1900's were adherents of Calvinism. Even the first great missionaries were Calvinistic.

I have no idea what caused the lapse into Arminianism by many Baptists and others about 100 years ago. I'm just glad to see the tide turning again.

It is helpful to actually look at the names of those who have held to the Doctrines of Grace before us. For an excellent article that provides a listing of many of the great Protestants (and Calvinists) since the Reformation, click here.

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