Thursday, September 6, 2007

A Calvinist: Why?

John Newton, who penned the great hymn "Amazing Grace," was asked if he was a Calvinist (believing in the Doctrines of Grace). His response is one that I think is very appropriate. Being a Calvinist myself, I wish I was as eloquent as Newton in telling others why I believe what I do. Click here to read Newton's response to this question.

I realize that the issue of Calvinism can be one that raises people's blood pressure fairly quickly. From time to time I will be bringing up the topic on this blog. I hope that we can have a lively and respectful discussion about issues such as the sovereignty of God, man's responsibility, election, the gospel call, evangelism/missions, etc. I sincerely desire that we can all be stretched by searching the scriptures to find the truth about how all these topics fit together. By the way, Arminians, along with Calvinists, are invited to these discussions, as are folks whose views might fall somewhere in the middle of the Arminian-Calvinist spectrum. Remember, the key for all of us is how to best understand what the bible says. I'm looking forward to learning.

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