Tuesday, September 4, 2007

San Diego, Day 4, Beauty in the Midst of Evolutionary Nonsense

(This was the final full day of our Make-A-Wish trip to California. Bobby actually said that visiting Legoland on Saturday made up for everything he had to go through with his Lymphoma, but I can't agree with that.)

After three days of visiting naval ships, playing at Legoland, touring the zoo, and splashing in the Pacific Ocean, we were very tried. When the alarm went off this morning, we had mixed emotions. The schedule had us going to Sea World today, but we also wanted to just sleep in. The schedule eventually won, and we took off for Sea World. We were not disappointed.

The three kids all enjoyed the day very much. Bobby is absolutely exhausted, but he even liked Sea World a great deal (but not as much as Legoland). I have included several photos of the different animals that we enjoyed watching.

Before we arrived at Sea World this morning, I had wondered if we would run into any evolutionary propaganda. For the most part, it was not too noticeable. The one large exception to that came at the Killer Whale show. This is where Shamu and his friends swim around the tank, jump in the air, splash the spectators, and let their trainers hug them. Our kids loved this part.

During the introduction, we were told repeatedly how important it is that we take care of the earth. I agree with this. However, then the little video clip started referring to different animals as "cousins," "brothers," or "in-laws." I could see where this was going. At the climax, the video showed a picture of earth and referred to it as "Mother Earth". Almost everyone in the audience cheered, sheep-like.

It got worse. We were then informed over and over that if you "just believe," you can do anything. I don't know what this had to do with anything. I guess the idea was that if you just believed you could become a trainer of Killer Whales, then it could happen.

It was all humanistic, evolutionary-based nonsense. The sad part about this is that the crowd was sucking it all down in unquestioned awe. More important than that, God should be praised for His amazing creation. The beauty, power, and agility of the Killer Whale is astounding to watch. However, why should we worship the whale when we can worship its Creator? God deserves the glory for His created order that we get to enjoy each day.

Why has the world rejected the Creator in favor of His Creation? Romans 1:18-3:20 gives us the answer to that.

As I said, these ideas did not dominate our time at Sea World, but they were prominent in the biggest, most crowded, #1 show at the park. We as a family could still see much beauty in the midst of all the evolutionary nonsense, but I wonder how many people leave Sea World thinking that they might need to begin worshiping the "Mother Goddess" - the planet earth.

Just a few words about the photos. One picture shows the view out of a tower that stands 300 feet tall in the middle of the park. The view is looking out at the Pacific. Another picture is of, no joke, a spotted Stingray. I had no idea they existed. It looked like something out of Dr. Seuss to me. Finally, Bobby is holding a Starfish in the last photo. It's OK; that happened at a sort of "petting zoo" for small sea creatures.


Elder's Wife said...

Gorgeous pictures! I'm glad your family has had the opportunity to see all this (in spite of the reason for it). My guess, though, is that you woke up tired...and were tried later. :)

Eric said...


Thanks for your nice comments. You are right about being tired. In fact, we are dealing with jetlag today.

It (the trip) was all worth it though. Bobby said that his cancer was like "an atom" compared to our trip. I guess he meant that the cancer was small in comparison to the greatness of Legoland, etc. I can't say I agree with him, but I'm glad he feels that way.

Thanks for your prayers for Bobby.

In Christ, Eric