Sunday, September 2, 2007

San Diego, Day 2, Legoland

When the Make-A-Wish foundation first contacted us about giving Bobby a wish, our son was quick to choose Legoland. At first, I had almost no idea what he was talking about. Bobby has loved Legos for a long time, but I had never heard of any place named Legoland. It turns out that Bobby learned about this amusement park by reading a book about Legos. I was pleased about his choice when I found out that the only Legoland in the USA is located near San Diego.

Today we finally made the much-anticipated visit to Legoland. I was a bit concerned that it might not live up to all of the expectations that Bobby had for it. I was wrong. We all had a great time touring the park from 10 until 8. It was a long, hot day, but also a wonderful one. We rode roller-coasters, played in a water park, searched for Legos to buy in the biggest Lego-only store in the country, took part in a contest involving Lego construction, drove small Lego cars, and ate a lot of expensive food.

My favorite part of the entire day, and maybe Bobby's favorite, had to be our two visits to Miniland (during the day and after dark). Miniland is the heart of the park. It is where you can find models of many famous landmarks from all around the world. The most impressive has to be Washington, D.C. However, the New York City skyline takes a close second. Miniland was absolutely amazing. All told, Miniland is made up of over 20 million Legos on a 1:20 scale. Many of the photos included here come from Miniland. See which locations you can name. I'll put the answers at the bottom of the post.

Photos include Washington, D.C. from above, the U.S. Capitol, the Lincoln Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial, the White House, Bobby and me in the stocks, Caroline and Mary with the Thinker, Bobby and a robot of sorts, the Taj Mahal, the Sydney Opera House, San Francisco, New York City, New York City (at night), and the family with a Lego Volvo.

Above all else, we thank our wonderful God for providing this experience for Bobby and the rest of us. We cherish this time together, and the opportunity to see a part of the country not familiar to us.

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