Sunday, September 30, 2007

Phillies Win the N.L. East!

Life can be tough when you are a Philadelphia Phillies fan. I should know, for I have been one since I was a small child. Earlier this season the Phillies became the first professional sports franchise to lose a total of 10,000 games. 10,000! They have only won one championship in over 100 years of existence (at least I got to see that one on TV when I was 9 years old). The Phils are usually out of the playoff race by May or June. This year is different. Today was the final day of the regular season, and the Phillies won the National League Eastern Division. This is the first time they have made the playoffs since 1993. I don't have any great hopes for a World Series win; I'm just thrilled they made the playoffs. Go Phils!

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