Friday, October 17, 2008

Church Dissing Fatigue

I'm suffering from Church Dissing Fatigue.

What is Church Dissing Fatigue? This new disorder, commonly referred to as CDF, is diagnosed when a person grows chronically fatigued from reading blogs which diss and complain repeatedly about the church.

I realize that many local churches are in need of reform in various areas. I also realize that since the church is composed of people, and therefore sinners, there will always be some problems.

I also acknowledge that there are some helpful blogs that not only discuss struggles within the church, but also offer helpful solutions. Blogs like this are usually written in a positive and helpful tone. My friend, Alan, writes a good blog of this sort.

My CDF comes from the multitude of blogs that criticize what may be called traditional churches. The blogs I'm referring to tend to be written from a critical and somewhat sarcastic point of view. The posts often suggest that the writer is the one who has finally figured out what the church is supposed to be and do. The writer rails against the problems that exist in traditional churches and rarely offers helpful solutions.

When I read blogs of this nature, I grow fatigued for one main reason. This reason is the main message that flows from the blog posts: pride. It is prideful for a writer to set himself up as some sort of all-knowing guru, telling everyone else what is wrong with their local church body. Writers like this almost act upset that they are not being consulted for advice on how a church should perform its duties.

This sort of blog writer also often writes in very black-and-white terms. When the traditional church is discussed, the writing suggests that everything is wrong with how the traditional church functions. The blogger usually writes as if he either pities or despises the traditional church.

This is not to say that we cannot know what God wants from His church; He has told us much in the bible. However, He has also given us a good deal of freedom in what the expression of the church looks like. Local bodies in NT times were not all the same; they also weren't all told to look and be the same.

I've decided to take the only remedy I know of for treating CDF: I'm going on a permanent diet from church dissing, negative blogs. They do no good. In fact, all they seem to accomplish is puffing up the writers, while causing dissension in the broader Christian blog world.

Let's build up the church instead of ourselves.


J. R. Miller said...

amen.. I have been feeling this way for some time, but finally I have an official diagnosis for my ailment.

Eric said...


I'm glad this was helpful.

Les Puryear said...

Amen, Eric. We need to encourage one another, not criticize.


Eric said...


Thank you.

J. R. Miller said...

You may be interested in this short series I did on Rediscovering Church.

RHEA said...

Thank you SO MUCH for posting about this!! It's something that's started to annoy me as well.

Eric said...


I hope the Christian blog world will realize that we need to spend more time building one another up than tearing each other apart.

Bethany W. said...


I have thought about commenting on this post since the day you wrote it. I wanted to wait till it was further down the page...
Eric, I think that TBNN does a lot of church-dissing. Perhaps some of the people you jest about really love the Lord, maybe they are just really confused.


Eric said...


Thank you for saying this. It is always good to hear the truth spoken in love by Christian brothers and sisters.

TBNN is a difficult issue for me. I enjoy writing the satire, and hope it makes people think. My hope is that it causes people to compare their current beliefs and practies with what the bible says.

When I write TBNN posts, I try to poke fun at various groups in order to not show too much favoritism.

I do regret it if my TBNN posts cause anyone to stumble. I hope EVERYONE who reads TBNN realizes that it is satire and does not take it too seriously.

Sometimes TBNN does gnerate some good discussions. This just happened with my latest TBNN post. In fact, I just wrote about this on this blog in a post entitled, "Fascinating Comment Stream."

In the end, I think TBNN does more good than bad. However, I do appreciate your counsel. I will keep it in mind as I think about future TBNN posts and how I write them.

Thanks again, Eric