Monday, February 25, 2008

Church Reform - Looking Back and Ahead

When we look at the possibility of reform in the church, one key question always seems to rise to the top: "Are we willing to change in order to be biblical?"

If we are willing to make changes, then we can easily find out what we need to do; we just look in the scriptures. However, if we are unwilling to change (because of comfort, tradition, cost, criticism, etc.), then we'll just keep doing things as we always have.

God is pleased when we live according to His Word. He has given His Word to us so that we can know Him, and so that we can know how to live our lives. So, are we willing to make reform in order to be biblical? Do we want our churches to please God?

Church Reform - Getting Started
Church Reform - Definition of Church
Church Reform - Doctrine
Church Reform - Purpose
Church Reform - Worship
Church Reform - Discipleship
Church Reform - Family
Church Reform - Prayer
Church Reform - Edification and Fellowship
Church Reform - Membership and Discipline
Church Reform - Tradition
Church Reform - Youth Ministry
Church Reform - Evangelism and Missions
Church Reform - Spiritual Gifts
Church Reform - Elder/Overseer/Pastor

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