Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fireproof - It's Worth the $9.00

I have been disappointed TOO MANY times by movies. Most that are recommended to me are not even worth the matinee price. Most aren't even worth the cost of a DVD rental.

Fireproof is different. It is worth every penny.

My wife (Alice) and I went to see Fireproof last night. I have to admit being a little skeptical as the beginning of the movie. However, I ended up enjoying the entire film. It was well-made, well-acted, and (this may sound a bit hokey) inspiring.

The best 3 reasons to see the movie are:

1. Fireproof is clear that we need Jesus Christ. Although the movie does not present the gospel in all its detail, it makes it clear that life only really begins by knowing Jesus Christ. This message is not watered-down in any way.

2. Fireproof displays a high view of marriage. The film clearly indicates that marriage is to be for a lifetime. The screenplay does not downplay the difficulties involved in marriage, but does encourage the viewer to work through these difficulties. It is realistic and biblical.

3. Fireproof deals with pertinent issues of our day. This film tackles subjects such as materialism, pornography, communication in marriage, forgiveness, and the devastation of divorce. I admire the writers for not shying away from difficult subjects.

Here is a bonus reason to see Fireproof:

Fireproof is set in Albany, Georgia. Although Albany is located four hours from here, it is still in South Georgia. That means that the scenery in the movie is much like it is here in Savannah (minus the marsh grass). So, if you want to know what the vegetation is like in Savannah, then you have to go see this movie.

Go see the movie. You will be glad you did.


Matt said...

This was definitely a great movie, and one that every married couple should see. I think the best part other than the message, though, was that it was 10 times better than Facing the Giants (mainly in the acting department) and so just gave some credibility to Christian movies.


Eric said...


I was glad to see that it was well made. I hope there are many more like it!

tmagskjohns said...

Tony and I enjoyed it very much. We paid $9.75 each, and I was happy to support this movie. We rarely go to see a movie in the evening because of the price, but this one was worth it.

Eric said...


We liked it so much that we took the kids to see it a few days later.

I'm excited whenever a movie like this is released. I hope the success of this one will encourage more like it.