Friday, August 31, 2007

Surprised by a Positive Reaction

We have safely arrived in San Diego, CA. Our trip went very well as we flew from Savannah to Philadelphia, and then on to Southern California. We praise the Lord for safety and smooth transitions. I just hope we all adjust to the three hour time change. I certainly don't want Mary and Bobby waking us up at 4:00 this coming morning!

While on the long flight across the country, Bobby and I sat next to a Belgian woman who has lived in San Diego for the last 30 years. We had a very nice conversation about her recent trip to see her sister near Brussels. She inquired about our trip, and I was able to tell her about Bobby, Lymphoma, Make-A-Wish, etc.

Then she asked what we did about school. I realize now that as soon as I heard the question, I tensed-up. Why? Because I don't like the normal reaction people give when they hear that we homeschool our kids. The reaction is usually an awkward one that involves a few moments of quiet, a question about socialization, and then a change of subject. Having that to look forward to, I said, "We homeschool our kids."

I was pleasantly surprised by her reaction. Instead of anything awkward, this Belgian woman (probably about age 65) said very naturally, "Oh, that is the best. I wish I had taught my kids at home." Wow! That was a shocker to me. We continued on with a nice conversation about various topics that lasted for 20 minutes or so. Bobby, as he usually does, was also very involved in the talking.

I learned a good lesson today. Don't assume what the response will be, even if the topic is one as controversial as homeschooling.

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Nicholas said...

You didn't slam her with Evangelism Explosion questions? Didn't you know those things were designed for situations like that?!?! haha

Hope the trip is wonderful!