Sunday, August 19, 2007

Gettysburg Photos, Part I

On our trip back to Georgia from New York State, we visited the Gettysburg National Military Park in southern Pennsylvania. This is the second year in a row that we have toured the battlefield because it is such a large place. We are interested in this particular battle because it marks the turning point of the war that almost split our country in two. Having grown up in the North, but having now lived in the South for the past eleven years, I have very mixed emotions about the Civil War in general, and Gettysburg in particular.

This is part one of a three part series of photos that we took while at Gettysburg. Today's focus is the first place we stopped, General Lee's headquarters on the west side of town. The house has been refurbished and transformed into a museum.

The below photos include General's Lee's chair, a table he and other generals would have used, General Reynolds' (Union) saddle, a bible found on the battlefield, a table cover, uniforms, our kids with various weapons, and the house from the outside.

This war is incredibly fascinating and sad at the same time. The more I read about the war, the more I see that the two sides were not even speaking the same language. While the South was primarily concerned about states' rights, the North was focused on preserving the Union at all costs. Could more dialogue between the two sides have prevented this awful war? Which side, if either, was in the right? What role did slavery play? Tell me what you think.


Steve Thomas said...

I have always wanted to go to Gettysburg.I have 2 GrGrGr Grandfathers who fought there.They were a part of the 50th Georgia Infantry Regiment and they fought on the second day of the battle in the peach orchard and wheatfield.I have long been a student of the War between the States;or as we call it the War of Northern Agression:)What is most interesting to me is that you had men on both sides of this conflict who strongly believed in a Sovereign God;Lee and Jackson especially.

Eric said...


Thanks for checking out my blog.

Our visit to Gettysburg really was fascinating (even though it was our second year in a row). We drove right past the monument to the Georgia soldiers (I'll post a photo of that in a few days). We also drove right by Devil's Den, the wheatfield and the peach orchard. Whoever is in charge of the battlefield is in the process of trying to restore it as much as possible to look like it did back in 1863. Therefore, they seem to be planting peach trees where the peach orchard used to be. We saw a lot of little saplings in place.

I have a great deal of respect for both Lee and Jackson. It is interesting that the Army of Northern Virginia did so well when fighting in Virginia, but once they crossed over into the North, the battle went completely against them. I guess they (and we) will never completely understand the sovereign will of our Lord, unless, of course, He has clearly expressed it His Word.

I'm going to be posting the photos of Little Round Top and various monuments later this week.