Monday, November 3, 2008

Reformed in Soteriology, Not Ecclesiology

This sign applies to me in some ways but not in others. The reason for this is that I agree with the Reformers in soteriology. In other words, I agree with Luther, Calvin, etc. on the doctrine of salvation.

However, I do not agree with the Reformers mentioned above in ecclesiology (the doctrine of the church). It is interesting how these men could be so biblical in their view of salvation, but so far off from the biblical model in their view of what the church is and does.

This is a good lesson to all of us (including me) that while we are correct in some of our beliefs, we are probably also incorrect on a few things.


Godismyjudge said...

Hi Eric,

I wanted to comment on your sign, because it says "all good Puritans" were reformed. John Goodwin, who was a good one ;-), was Arminian. His book Redemption Redeemed was recently republished.

God be with you,

Eric said...


Thanks for your comment. I agree that this sign is not perfect; I found it kind of randomly while on line.