Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Fascinating Comment Stream

As some of you know, once per week I write a satirical piece for Team TomintheBox News Network (TBNN). My pen-name at TomintheBox is "Elder Eric." TBNN is strictly for fun.

Yesterday I posted a silly piece entitled, "Rector Daringly Introduces Jesus to Episcopal Church." The purpose of the piece was to poke fun at the turmoil with the Episcopal Church over the truth of the gospel message.

Every once in a while, TBNN pieces strike a cord or a nerve depending on who is reading. Well, this particular piece has generated a lot of discussion at Stand Firm, which is a site for discussion of Anglican issues. Stand Firm somehow found out about this TBNN piece, and ran a short story about it. What is fascinating is the comment stream. Many people who commented struggled to figure out whether or not the TBNN piece was satire or reality. This is because, unfortunately, many Episcopal churches apparently are not very welcoming to Jesus Christ.

Anyway, if you are interested in reading the comments, click here and scroll down until you reach the comments section. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...


Okay . . . what shocked me MOST about the comments is the OVERWHELMING agreement that they had with your satire!!!! Wow! I am speechless (so I'm writing instead).

That was simply amazing.


Eric said...


I agree. What a sad statement about the state of the Episcopal Church!