Thursday, September 11, 2008

Taking the Lord's Supper to a Widow

This past Sunday we celebrated the Lord's Supper as our church gathered. It was a joyous occasion. This was the second time we have practiced this ordinance since I have become pastor. On both occasions, I believe the church was edified through it.

We have one woman in our church who is not able to attend due to physical problems. She is a sweet, elderly widow who lives with her daughter. This precious lady would have loved to attend the church gathering on Sunday, but her physical frailty kept her from being with us. Although she wanted to celebrate the Lord's Supper with us, she was unable to do so.

Since she was unable to be with us, we took the Lord's Supper to her. The three deacons and I hopped into a car and drove down the road just a minute until we arrived at her place. I had called to make sure it would be all right to come. When we arrived, we talked for a few minutes about how she was doing physically, and how things were at home. She expressed a strong desire to be in church with us, but she just cannot right now. After a few minutes, we served her the Lord's Supper, with me reading from I Corinthians 11:23-26.

This seemed like such a simple thing that all churches should do. It certainly does not have to be the pastor and deacons who serve the Lord's Supper to the home-bound. Maybe next time others within the church will do it. It's not as if visiting those at home is some sort of sacrifice. In fact, it was a blessing to us.

This is an example of a little bit of effort that results in a great deal of edification. Everyone involved in this was edified. I know I was.

We were also being obedient to James 1:27, which is a very challenging and straightforward verse.

Let's serve one another.


RHEA said...

That's so awesome that you all did those. I'm sure that it was a huge encouragement to this woman, and helped her to still feel like a vital and important part of the body.

Eric said...


It was a thrill! We probably were more blessed by it than she was.