Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Gospel in 6 Minutes

Please watch this excellent, heartfelt discussion of the gospel.

Thanks to my friend Nick, from whose website I swiped this video.


Alan Knox said...

simple and heartfelt... where was the discussion? :)


Eric said...


I'm sure it must have happened afterward - maybe in the car on the way home.

Anonymous said...

"You never(times 12) outgrow your need for the Gospel! Don't ever think that 'that's the way you get saved' and then get stronger by moving on to something else. No! We are strengthend by God through the Gospel ever day until the day we drop!"

This is one of my favorite quotes from Dr. Piper. It has greatly informed my fight for the faith and joy in Christ. The fight for joy is not for the passive. We must fight the fight of the faith like JUSTIFIED sinners. Sin cannot have dominion over us because through Christ we are able to walk by the Spirit. We are enabled by Christ because of what he purchased for us on the cross to live life in Christ. It is by the Gospel that we are strengthend every day and we must never cease to preach the Gospel to ourselves, not only to others. Satan is preaching for sure. If we remain passive, we surrender the battlefield of the faith to him.

Eric, we are having a men's breakfast at Ephesus Church this Saturday at 8:00am. Perhaps you and your son would like to join us.
Pastor Nick will be our speaker.

Eric said...


You've said it well. Thanks for commenting.

Dr. Piper is a great encouragement to me also.

Thanks for the invitation, but I've already got a full schedule for that morning.