Monday, August 11, 2008

"We Don't Have Any Food"

Today I had a significant reality check.

I received a phone call from a woman who asked for some food from our church's food pantry. Most folks who call to use the pantry have some food at home, but not enough. When I began talking with this woman, however, she said something different. She told me that she, her husband, and her kids had no food right now. I was surprised because most people have at least a little food. She apparently had none. I believed her because she sounded somewhat desperate. I invited her to stop by the church.

When this couple arrived at the church building, I could tell they had been through some tough times. They looked unkempt, thin, and tired. Their hair wasn't combed. They also smelled like old cigarettes. I felt so sorry for them. I was glad to be able to give them some food and tell them that we do this because of the love Jesus has shown to us.

Both of these folks were kind and appreciative. I have no idea how they have gotten into such a situation, but I definitely feel compassion for them. I hope they return again so that I am able to share more of the gospel with them.

As I think about my life, I take much for granted. For example, I never wonder where my next meal is coming from. I know there will be food; all I wonder about is what it will be. I have much to be thankful for, and one of those things is having enough to eat. God has been very gracious to always give our family enough to fill our stomachs.

The next time I begin to complain about something in life, I hope God reminds me of this couple I met today. When you meet someone who has no food, it does put things in perspective.


Alan Knox said...


I'm glad that you were able to share some food with this couple. I encourage you to also try to get to know people who come for food by spending time with them. This probably means that you will have to go to them. We've found that God has taught us alot and changed us through those that we consider "needy".


Eric said...


I agree with you. It is a wonderful opportunity to share the love of Christ in a very tangible way.

RHEA said...

Great post; it's a wonderful reminder of how blessed we truly are...something that I tend to think we generally take for granted.

Eric said...


Thanks. I agree completely. We are truly blessed.

NewJerseyJesus said...

Glad you were able to help this family! One of my most cherished times as a Christian was serving soup and bread to homeless families and gang members in the South Bronx (in the pouring rain). There's a whole needy world at our doorstep.