Friday, August 1, 2008

Beach Builders

One of the nice advantages of living near the beach is that we can go there for just a few hours basically anytime we want. Yesterday we spent some good family time together at Tybee Island playing in the sand and ocean. Bobby and I worked for quite a while constructing what he later dubbed "Castle Alice." It might not look like much in these photos, but it took a lot of work because we were limited to little-kid, plastic shovels that were smaller than my hands. The exterior square is a moat, while the interior is composed of an outer wall and the inner keep. It won't win any awards, but we still had fun making it.

As a new pastor, I hope to learn how to effectively balance family life and church life. I hope days like yesterday go a long way towards this.

If you are looking for a relatively quiet vacation spot, Savannah is a great choice.

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Minicks said...

I like "Chateau d'Alice".