Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sad News - Uga VI Passes On

Uga is dead.

Uga VI (pronounced uh-guh) has died of congestive heart failure. He was the faithful bulldog mascot for the University of Georgia football team, of which I am a fan. He was also the best mascot in all of college football, although some fans at the University of Colorado might argue with that. Uga made his home in Savannah.

The only good thing about this is that it won't be difficult to find Uga VII.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry about that loss. I am quite fond of the traditions of college football. While I am not a Georgia fan (my college football allegiances lie in the ACC and also Louisville), I deeply respect those traditions which make college football great (ie the Rose Bowl and NOT the Bowl Championship series).

On a bit of an attempt at poor humor...

Wasn't Uga's last name "Ly" (pronounced: lee)?

Hey, Georgia Tech is in the ACC, OK?

In His Word,

Eric said...


I lived in North Carolina for a while, and while I was there I got the feeling that ACC football was simply a warm-up for ACC basketball season. Maybe that's because the NC teams are pretty terrible at football.

I have to stay with the SEC (the SEC's 2008 bowl record was something like 7-2).

I agree about the traditions of college football. I much prefer college to the professionals. I also agree about the BCS - yuck.

Thanks for commenting.


Michael said...

I'm sure you know I am completely broken up over this.

Eric said...


I just knew there would be a few from the dark side who would comment on this.