Wednesday, June 25, 2008

German Parents Jailed For Educating Children at Home

In Germany, a court has sentenced two parents to three months in prison each simply because they educate their children at home. Germany has outlawed homeschooling and is enforcing those laws in its court system.

This decision has huge ramifications for the rest of the world. In our country, where homeschooling rights are under attack in various locations, parents should take note. Courts are increasingly deciding that they, not the parents, have the right to make ultimate decisions for how children should be raised. How far behind Germany are we in the USA? At this point I'm not sure.

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Kinderlehrer said...

For those interesting in reading more about the German families that are being persecuted, and what we can do about it, you may like to visit Educating Germany.

Eric said...


Thanks for the help. I'm amazed and saddened by what continues to happen in Germany.