Tuesday, July 17, 2007

What is Your Blog Rated?

My blog apparently warrants a PG rating. Why? Because I have written about death and hell. Hmmmm...

I wouldn't give much weight to this particular rating system. For example, one of my living heroes, Albert Mohler (president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary), has a widely read blog. Due to the fact that Dr. Mohler discusses topics such as death and pain, his blog was given a rating of NC-17. Even the word "missionary" seems to be on some sort of "bad" list. Odd.

Anyway, if you are interested in your blog's rating, click here.


Lew A said...


I was given a PG rating too. Why? Because I used the very biblical word, "whore" one time.

tsk, tsk.

Neat find!


Eric said...


I would be really interested to talk with the folks who came up with this rating system. Some of their choices for the "bad" words seem bizarre. If "missionary" is bad, what is good?

Al said...

We were PG for using the word abortion... We added rape and move up to an R rating... I have not checked in the last few weeks to see where we are now.

It is tough to do contextualized filtering. That is what makes programs like webguard and K9 so interesting to me.

al sends

Al said...

Wow... I went from an R down to a G... I need more "edgy" content. I wish I were post-modern, a few curse words could really liven things up.

al sends