Wednesday, July 25, 2007

What a great gift!

What a great gift I have been given! What gift is this? The gift is examples of long marriages.

My family and I are currently in New York State on vacation. The primary reason we drove the 1,100 miles to get here was to celebrate my in-laws' 50th anniversary. The get-together was a joyous occasion for all of us. In the above picture you can see my Father-in-law (John Putney) and my Mother-in-law (Ruth Putney). Surrounding them are all six of their kids. My wife, Alice, is standing in the middle of the back row (she's the pretty one with the black hair and no beard.) It was the first time all six Putney kids have been together since our wedding back in 1991.

All the talk of marriage got me thinking about the examples I have been given. My own parents have now been married 44 years. Both of my sets of grandparents were married over 50 years. Alice's parents have now hit the 50 year mark. Both of her sets of grandparents also hit 50 years. Actually, I know that Alice's Putney grandparents went past 60 years!

In this day of rampant divorce and infidelity, how do people stay together? Th example I have been witness to is one of God's amazing grace. All of these couples have been greatly blessed by the Lord. Also, they have worked hard at sustaining their marriages even when things have not been going the best.

So, first, I thank God for these wonderful examples. I also thank those who have gone before me for staying together through the good times and bad.

Alice and I are on year 17 and going strong. Praise the Lord!

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