Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Newsflash: my friend Devin Bell has entered the world of blogdom! The picture to the left is not of Devin. Rather, it is Samuel Davies.

Devin's blog focuses on the life and ministry of Rev. Davies. While most folks have not even heard of Davies, he is worthy of note. Take a look at Devin's blog (entitled "New Light in the Old Dominion") to learn more about this 16th Century Presbyterian minister in Virginia.


Nicholas said...

16th Century? Do you have any idea what was (and wasn't) going on in the 16th century? Davie's WASN'T, I can tell you that much!!!


Eric said...


Wow, you are right about my mistake. I don't think there were ANY white people in VA in the 16th century! Fortunately, only you and Devin will notice.