Thursday, June 28, 2007

Fort McAllister Family Photos

Last month, Bobby and I visited Fort Pulaski, a Civil War era fort east of Savannah, GA. You can see photos of that excursion by clicking here.

On Tuesday, we (our three kids, the visiting Johnson family, and I) traveled south of Savannah about 40 minutes to tour another Civil War complex, Fort McAllister. Several significant differences exist between the two forts; otherwise, we would not have bothered visiting Fort McAllister. Fort Pulaski is a beautiful brick fort; however, it fell quickly to the Union army because it could not be repaired after bombardment. Fort McAllister, on the other hand, is an earthen fort. It faced Union bombing on multiple occasions over a several year period, but could be easily repaired over night because it was constructed of earth. Fort McAllister did not fall to the Union until General Sherman came upon the scene in 1864. Sherman brought 60,000 men to the Savannah area on his infamous "March to the Sea."

I hope you enjoy these pictures. Several show underground bunkers where the provisions and beds were housed. Our 13-year-old daughter, Caroline, is the tall girl in the blue shirt. Mary, our 10-year-old, is wearing a light blue shirt. Bobby, in the gray shirt and military cap, is our 8-year-old son. The other children pictured here are Johnson cousins from Indiana.

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