Friday, June 1, 2007

Not surprising, but disappointing

The Barna Group recently performed a survey of American religious beliefs and practices. Based on what we see in our culture every day, the results are probably not surprising. However, they are disappointing. The worst news is that people who claim to be Christians are moving, year by year, further away from biblical teachings.

The quote from the article that I found most troubling was the following: David Kinnaman, who directed the study, indicated that "most Americans do not have strong and clear beliefs, largely because they do not possess a coherent biblical worldview. That is, they lack a consistent and holistic understanding of their faith. Millions of Americans say they are personally committed to Jesus Christ, but they believe he sinned while on earth. Many believers claim to trust what the Bible teaches, but they reject the notion of a real spiritual adversary or they feel that faith-sharing activities are optional. Millions feel personally committed to God, but they are renegotiating the definition of that deity."

You can view the entire survey results by clicking here.

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