Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Oprah's New Church

You may have already seen this, but if not, please watch. The video speaks for itself.


tmagskjohns said...

It's sad that she got caught up on the word "jealous" and that's what started to change her whole view of "God". It's so strange that she would think that meant that He was jealous of her! What? She is so mixed up!!! Thanks for posting this.

Eric said...


I agree. Oprah is such as sad case. She probably has good intentions (at least from her perspective), but in the end she is leading people astray. I hope these latest, more blatantly anti-Christian statements will wake some people up to what she is doing.

Michael said...


I turned up a TBNN news lead for you: "Oprah makes the Bible her next book club selection." OK, I know, there are limits to absurdity in satire. :)


Eric said...


I agree. Oprah will only go so far. The bible would just be too much.

It's good to see you back in the blogging business again.


Anonymous said...

Oprah,u can believe anything u won't i have always thought u have done good things and idolized u,but to go as far as miss telling people not to believe in the bible is so wrong i never thought u would do that.I to was raised in church but there is a reason the bible is here.to teach us what he did for us. please don't lead people the wrong way. Elaine

Eric said...


Thanks for your comment. I agree that Oprah needs to stop leading people astray. She is very dangerous because of her wide influence.