Thursday, January 10, 2008

Where Did I Take this Photo?

I needed a short break from talking so seriously about the church. I'll return to that in a few days. Therefore, I took a photo of this semi-cute guy. Do you know who this is supposed to be? Do you have any idea where I took the picture?

When living in India, we developed a love for South Asian food. We now like to visit an Indian store in Savannah called Shivam (notice the "Shiva" in the name). While Alice looks for food items, I usually walk over to the false god side of the shop to see what's new. It saddens me and intrigues me at the same time. I took this picture while in that shop in Savannah. I think he is supposed to be the Buddha, but I doubt the real Buddha, if he was alive, would feel too flattered.

This picture reminds me of how the world is literally coming to us here in the USA. So even if we aren't called to move overseas to witness for Christ, there is a good chance that people from other parts of the world are coming to where we live. As Christians, we probably all need to be more aware of the fact that we can sometimes go to the "ends of the earth" by just by meeting those folks in our neighborhoods that might come from cultures that have little or no Christian witness.

Let's all be more proactive in finding out who has moved to our communities from other countries and/or cultures. Let's then be active and creative in trying to meet them with a goal of sharing the gospel. Alice and I are frequenting this Indian store in Savannah in the hopes of building relationships with the owners. It is a long road ahead, but we hope that someday they will reject Shiva, Buddha, and the other false gods to serve the one living, triune God.


Rhea said...

My campus pastor always talks to us students about how we don't have to go to the ends of the Earth to preach the Gospel, b/c at the university, we have so many international's almost like God bringing them to us. We even have students from countries that we wouldn't even be able to get into, and if we did, we could be executed for sharing our faith. It's so awesome how God brings these people to us...the international students that I've known that have gotten ahold of the truth and then gone back to their home countries are doing MIGHTY things for God there.

Aussie John said...


A "Christian (?) bookshop??

Eric said...


That is exactly what I am talking about. International students can do things for Christ when they return home that we could never accomplish.

Eric said...


It was just a Hindu/Indian food store. I would really worry if it was a Christian bookshop (ha ha).

Aussie John said...


Brother! Be worried! I wasn't asking the question with tongue in cheek. I have seen such a thing in this country.

In fact we have very large "Christian" book shops which sell more heretical books etc. than Biblical.