Monday, January 28, 2008

Safe Return from the Frozen Tundra

We thank the Lord for returning us safely to our home in Georgia after two weeks in the frozen tundra of northern New York State. We had a very nice time visiting with Alice's parents up in the "North Country." We were on the road for the last several days, so I decided to take a break from the Church Reform series for a bit. I'll get another post out later this week. As for the photos here, the first one shows me just after my daughter Mary dumped a shovel full of snow in my face - that was a joy. Other pictures show a lot of snow and cold, our snow fort, and our van after we reached Virginia. Needless to say, I quickly took the van to a car wash for a de-salting. Our kids could play in snow forever, but I've had enough to last me a couple of years. I remember why we moved south.

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