Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Some Savannah Sites

On Saturday, we had the chance to take a walk around Savannah's historic district. No matter how often we do this, I never tire of the beauty of the trees, parks, squares, pre-civil war era buildings, and the Savannah River.

The key to Savannah's beauty goes back to General Sherman. After burning Atlanta to the ground, he headed on his famous "March to the Sea." Sherman's army took Savannah, which he presented as a Christmas gift to President Lincoln in 1864. General Sherman thought that Savannah was too beautiful a city to burn (evidently, Atlanta was not); therefore, the historic section still stands today. I hope you enjoy this potpourri of photos.

The old Savannah Cotton Exchange - no longer in the cotton business

Alice (my wife), Bobby (my son), and a spitting griffin (no relation)

Caroline (my daughter) with some crazy ladies

Mary (my daughter) with those same ladies

"Factor's Walk" - click here for more

Old stairs leading down toward the Savannah River

Old Savannah Custom House - click here for more

Paula Deen's "Lady and Sons" Restaurant

Click here for more

One of the beautiful Savannah city squares - click here for more

Live Oaks cover many of the squares - click here for more

Independent Presbyterian Church - click here for more

The steeple can be seen all over the Savannah historic district

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