Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Bangladesh Cyclone Rocks My Sense of Comfort

It is so easy to feel comfortable here in the United States. Even as I write this post, I am sitting in a comfortable chair, at a comfortable desk, and in a comfortable house. My stomach feels full enough, I am not too cold or too warm, my clothes feel good, and my family is fine. I know where my next meal is coming from, where I will place my head tonight, and what I will drive tomorrow. I am not afraid that anyone will put me in danger today, and I actually look forward to getting up in the morning.

I thank God for the above things, but I am far too quick to let them lull me into a sense of slumber regarding eternal things. I have been lazy of late about the things of God, especially when it comes to serving others and telling them about Jesus Christ.

The recent cyclone (same as a hurricane) that struck Bangladesh rocked my sense of stupor regarding both the needs of others and my failure to do anything about those needs.

The death toll in Bangladesh currently sits at just over 3000, but this figure is certain to rise. Click here for the latest news on the situation. Click here to view some photos of the destruction.

We served in India for four months and experienced everyday the very poor infrastructure and massive overcrowding. Bangladesh sits right next door to India, and has similar problems with poor roads and bridges, and too many people. Add in Bangladesh's low elevation and you have a recipe for disaster if a powerful cyclone hits.

Considering that Bangladesh has a predominantly Islamic population (with a Hindu minority), we can be certain that the vast majority of people who died went to Hell. This is a very sobering thought. No matter how difficult their lives were here on earth, they are considerably worse now and forever.

All this has made me stop and take a look at what I am doing for the Kingdom of God. The answer is not much right now. However, I'm determined to focus more on eternal things, and less on the temporal. I'm determined to go beyond my comfort zone, serve others, and share the good news of Christ.

We obviously cannot all fly to Bangladesh to help there, but we can make a difference where God has placed us for now. We must make a conscious effort to set our eyes on the things of God, and actively avoid the sloth of the American comfort zone.


Brian said...

it is sad, though part of me struggles to be simpathetic to people who knowingly live in a flood zone... our church is sending some money to convoy of hope.

Eric said...


I'm glad to hear that your church family will be sending some financial support.

If Bangladesh is anything like India (which I think it is), then one problem is that many people are so poor that they literally have no opportunity to move anywhere else. On top of that, the massive overcrowding limits livable space.