Saturday, December 22, 2007

Quote for the Day

I recently watched my favorite movie (Chariots of Fire) for about the 25th time. I love the story about Eric Liddell's racing excellence and missionary call.

At one point early in the movie, Eric's trainer and friend, Sandy McGrath, is speaking with Eric's father, Reverend J.D. Liddell. McGrath appears to be a secularist, and suggests to Rev. Liddell that Eric be a bit more liberal in his views about God.

I realize this is just a movie, but Rev. Liddell gives an amazing response about the person and character of God. Actually, considering that this appears in a movie, that makes it all the more amazing.

Rev. Liddell answers McGrath by saying, "Sandy, the Kingdom of God is not a democracy. The Lord never seeks re-election. There is no discussion, no deliberation, no referenda as to which road to take. There's one right, one wrong. There's one absolute Ruler."

Sandy replies, "A dictator you mean."

Rev. Liddell responds, "Aye, but a benign, loving dictator."

Well put, Rev. Liddell.

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